August 15th meetup.

It’s that time again, but the weather doesn’t look all that great. The meetup will still be on this week, even if you have to cage it. Folks tend to gather starting at 7 at Pizza Perfect on 21st ave. I’ll be absent, I’ve got a ton of prep to do before I head out for a mini vacation starting Thursday.

You might have noticed some new features popping up across the site. These are still in the works as I am still looking for the right community solution for us. I like WordPress for the blog portion of the site, but the rest of the community features built in for that platform are half baked at best. I’m currently testing a few other options and hope to have some really great features for you to share your thoughts, rides, bikes and more.

Stay tuned! I’ll see you next week at the meetup. Til then, ride safe!


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